The Locrian Ensemble are top classical musicians and have such a busy and varied schedule that they are considered one of the most dynamic groups working in the field of classical music today.

Their “Candlelight Classics" series of concerts, performed in sumptuous period costumes, have proved enormously popular over the past years, and the ensemble have carved  a unique and enviable position for themselves in British music-making. They have a most impressive list of recordings and broadcasts to their credit and  enjoy a “formidable international reputation” (London Evening Standard)

When not performing in theatres, members of the Locrian enjoy high-profile careers working in the studios of London, supporting top names in the pop world, as well as appearing on the Oscar-winning soundtracks to films such as “Harry Potter", “Lord of the Rings",  “Gladiator" and “The Da Vinci Code" to name but a few.

On television, they have topped the classical music charts in 2015 with their recording of Debbie Wiseman’s score to “Wolf Hall", as well as performing for “Father Brown”, “The Coroner” and “Judge John Deed".

 Locrian Ensemble Reviews

The Locrian have a formidable international reputation."
Evening Standard

“The Locrians were spirited and sensitive, ensemble and balance were superb"
Daily Telegraph

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